Monday, October 15, 2012

Invocation for a new President

Invocation for President L. Rafael Reif

September 21, 2012

We give thanks for this day and
the ever moving currents of life
that have brought us to this time.

In the wider world we are mindful of the
challenges presented by a struggling
economy, the pain of war and the struggles
that promote peace.

Our spirits are pulled by political talk
that values victory more than truth,
words that tell us what we wish to hear
rather than what we need to do.

In this cacophony, may we remember
that we offer our best service by doing  well
what lies in front of us.
MIT serves the nation and the world best
when we take care of the business at hand.

We have been blessed by the service and vision
 of Presidents Gray, Vest and Hockfield, and now
we begin the era of President L. Rafael Reif.

Our challenge is to advance knowledge
and educate students in science, technology
and the areas of scholarship that will best serve
the nation and the world in the 21st century.

What lies in front of  us are the problems of modern time;
may President Reif’s leadership be wise and may
he be surrounded by learned counsel;
may our community hold up his arms when the going is tough,
and  encourage his spirit when the days are dark for we stand or fall together
and do our work best when our collective minds inform the hands
that touch the keys that play the music, write the words that sway hearts, 
sketch the lines that define buildings, seek out genes that open pathways to curing illness, build the systems that create the renewable energy to sustain life.

That we may do these things is our prayer,