Saturday, June 5, 2010

Invocation for MIT Graduation


Almighty God, known by many names, called by many voices,

we invoke your presence with us on this day of celebration.

We celebrate the accomplishments of students who have learned and grown as they have longed for this moment.

We celebrate the accomplishments of families who have supported their sons and daughters in ways that transcend the checks to the bursar.

We celebrate the accomplishments that are the result of teachers who went beyond expectations of peers and demanded the best of the students in their care who did not know how good they could be.

We celebrate the accomplishments made possible by mentors who led by example; of spouses who held up tired arms and encouraged flagging spirits, of children who waited.

In these hard days when we are reminded often of what we cannot do, help us to remember what we have done. Let angry words not be our mantra, but rather words of celebration, words of joy and words of hope. Tomorrow will be better because of what we celebrate today!

This is our prayer,