Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Invocation for Graduation 2012

Almighty God, known by many names, called in any voices,
we invoke your presence today in this time of transition.

We give thanks for the good work of President Susan Hockfield,
we celebrate the selection of Rafael Rief as her successor, and
we pledge that what has been begun will come to fruition.

We give thanks for those who mark their accomplishments today.
Give them  safe passage to new challenges
Give them eyes to see the needs of the world around them.
Give them the will to make a difference.

We remember those who began this journey with us,
those who did not reach this day.
We know too well the frailty of our kind
and offer comfort where we cannot yet offer cure.
We offer presence where neither comfort nor cure is possible,
knowing that our shared humanity binds us together
with ties we ignore to our peril.

Hear our prayers,